Stimulate the senses, the body & bring emotions

What is touching me in Fabrice Lig's career is the way he is following his own line, without caring about trends, and that's the path an artist should follow. It is not post Detroit, it's an emotion
Jean-Michel Jarre


The finests Techno labels around the world
Planet E, Subject Detroit, R&S, F-Com, KMS, 7th City, Third Ear, Kanzleramt, Playhouse,Classic, Music Man
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Fabrice Lig new album Galactic Soul Odissey
Fabrice Lig Rockerill Charleroi

Where the beat goes on

Residencies and Artistic management for :
FlashForward parties at Rockerill, Charleroi, be.
Timeless parties at Cadran/Studio 22 Li├Ęge, be.


Where inspiration takes place
Marvin Gaye, Prince, P-Funk, Stevie Wonder, Herbie, Mr Sakamoto, Vangelis, Sun Ra, Weather Report, Zapp, Miles Davis, Detroit techno, Chicago house, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Black Music
Fabrice Lig Detroit Festival